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Snake Day, Houten October 12th 2014


Latest News For this Show.

Snake Day at Houten

Mini busses again depart from Ashford in Kent and travel to Houten in Holland.

We will arrive in good time for the show opening at 10.00 am and include entry tickets to save queuing on the day.

With restrooms and dining facilities available in a custom-built exhibition centre, you can stay and enjoy the show until it closes at 4.30pm.

Once all your purchases are stored away, we depart for France and should arrive back in England around 11pm on the Sunday night, and get back to Ashford around 11.30pm

The price for this show is £110 per person and includes:

Pickup from Ashford, Kent

Travel to Houten, Holland (inc Euro tunnel fees)

Entry to the show

Return travel to Ashford, Kent

The Terraria Houten shows are way up on the list of the biggest reptile shows in Europe.

Held in the exhibition centre in the Dutch town of Houten, the location benefits from full facilities including dining areas. There is an abundance of space making for quite a relaxed day.

The show covers some 6000 square meters and boasts 1000 meters of table space, and opens to buyers from 10am to 4pm.

At this show you can find reptiles, spiders, rodents, insects and all types of accessories.


The price of a seat to this show is :110.00

We have 1 coach going to this show.

(All Routes are subject to minimum passenger numbers)

Click the drop down arrow to view each coaches pick up points.

All times are subject to variation due to traffic conditions.

The following is a rough guide for times involved.

Applies to all routes.



22.00 Depart Ashford

22.30 Arrive Eurotunnel Terminal

23.50 Depart UK


Change to Local Time (plus 1 hour)

01.10 Arrive France

06.00 Arrive Houten

10.00 Show opens

16:00 Show closes (or when everyone is done!)

16.15 Depart Houten

20.00 Arrive Belgium for shopping

21.00 Arrive Eurotunnel

21.50 Depart France

Back to UK time

21.25 Arrive UK

22.00 Arrive Ashford

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