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Full Terms and Conditions of booking.

(As amended 1st November 2013)

Your Contract is with and the information contained in these Terms & Conditions and Forms are the basis of your contract. undertake to ensure that all possible care is taken to see that you have an enjoyable and successful trip. The conditions below seek to explain as clearly as possible the responsibility undertaken between us when you make, and we accept a booking.

For a brief list of amendments from the last issue of Terms, see HERE

Whilst we try to operate in a friendly and informal manor, these terms shall be refered to in the event of disagreement.

1) Definitions.

For the purposes of these terms :

‘Us’, ‘Our’ and ‘We’ mean, its organisers and staff.

‘Agents’ mean any 3 rd party to whom we have contracted to provide services.

‘Lead Passenger’ means the person whom has entered into this contract with, either as a sole party, or with the agreement of any named additional passengers.

‘Additional Passenger(s)’ means those who have requested and agreed to a booking to be made for them, by their nominated Lead Passenger.

‘You’ and ‘passenger(s)’ means any person booked to travel on any of our planned trips.

2) General Service

2.1) Any service we offer is subject to cancellation at any time due to operational reasons.

2.2) Any contract between you and us is a simple contract to transport you, and your personal luggage, to and from the stated destination. Any other goods, products or items of other nature are excluded unless agreed in writing.

2.3) In making your booking, you agree to the use of any such agents as deemed necessary to provide any service.

2.4) The use of any agent is subject to their terms and conditions in addition to any others imposed from time to time and notified either on our website or on the agents website.

2.5) It is a condition of carriage that lead passengers insure all additional passengers are aware of the terms & conditions, and all passengers abide by them at all times. For reasons of safety and compliance, reasonable requests may be made whilst travelling, and passengers agree to comply where requested.

2.6) Where overnight accommodation is suggested or required, WE do not imply that this is provided by US, nor is it included in any prices. You should obtain bookings for any required accommodation.

2.7) For accommodation required trips, we reserve the right to refuse transport to any passenger not able or unwilling, to provide confirmation of accommoadtion.

2.8) The transport of any livestock is strictly prohibited excepting under section 8.
3) Use of Web Site

3.1) Use of our website, and any facility available there is conditional upon you making available your true and proper IP address. Use of any 3 rd Party routing systems or IP address masking service will render your book void.

3.2) Malicious use of the web site shall be deemed as a criminal attempt to deprive us or the public form lawful access and as such will result in legal proceedings

3.3) Any information you provide must be accurate and truthful. Any errors or omissions should be notified to us as soon as they become known. Material errors or omissions may result in your booking becoming void

3.4) We will send any communications via email from our website, and a record of these communications will be kept, we accept no responsibility for the non arrival of such communication for whatever reason.

3.5) Where made available, any passwords and their security, remain the responsibility of the Lead passenger.

3.6) Any personal information requested will only be requested via our secure servers, and any sensitive data will be encrypted prior to recording.

3.7) Personal information supplied by the lead passenger will only be used in the course of arranging and supplying the services requested, and may be divulged in full or part to our agents or government agencies as required to fulfil our obligations under this contract and any under general law applicable to this contract.

3.8) Passengers may request details of any personal information we hold about them by making such request in writing to our stated address, accompanied by a payment of not more than £10. It is our duty to divulge this information within 30 days of such request.
4) Booking

4.0) Pursuant to 'Package travel, package holidays and package tours regulations 1992', our service does not meet the requirements of said regulations, and as such is not covered by them.

4.1) Due to travel restrictions, bookings can only be accepted by lead passengers over the age of 16.

4.2) For clarity and ease of communications, all contact will be primarily with the first named passenger, herein referred to as the ‘lead passenger’, who will at all times be responsible for those named on their booking.

4.3) Due to the nature of our trips and the foreign travel, persons under the age of 16 must be accompanied by a responsible adult, who should carry at all times, a letter from the child’s parent or guardian, granting permission to leave the country in the care of said responsible adult.

4.4) Lead Passenger shall ensure that all persons named on their booking posses valid documents permitting free travel in all countries visited whilst on our trips.

4.5) Bookings will only be accepted when made via our online booking system, or otherwise as agreed with us in advance.

4.6) Due to the time and distance of our trips, we do not recommend anyone under the age of ten.

4.7) All bookings are made, and accepted, under the understanding that the service is subject to minimum passengers, and that any booking may be cancelled at any time should minimum numbers not be reached.

4.8) The act of booking is the act of you entering into a contract with us, and is legally binding on both parties, in all respects.

4.9) In the interests of security and integrity, we reserve the right to refuse any booking or to cancel any booking as we see fit, without notice or reason. In the event of this clause being enacted, refunds will be made subject to 6.6.

5) Payment

5.1) All seats are booked on a reservation basis. Making a booking renders you liable under these terms to make payment as agreed within the terms.

5.2) The total payable will be clearly shown in the booking process.

5.3) Payment must be received within 14 days of booking or within 48 hours of departure, whichever is the earlier, unless agreed with us in advance.

5.3.1) Payment by installments may be offered on some trips, and will be clearly noted on the show pages, and confirmed by email. When payment plans are selected, cleared payment must be recieved by the due date.

5.4) We shall cancel any booking that remains unpaid beyond the agreed time, and payment under this agreement sought, along with any collection costs. Any payment under an instalment plan is viewed as payment to reserve places, only upon full payment shall there be deemed a right to travel. In the event of non completion of the plan, places will be reserved until the day following the due date, at which time any booking, and thus places, shall be cancelled and, if more than 14 days prior to travel, will be offered for resale under clause 6.3 - 6.4. If such non completion of a payment plan occurs within 14 days of the date of departure, then any proir payment will be deemed to have paid for the reservation of seats until the due date, and as such no refund shall be made.

5.5) Payment can be made primarily by credit or debit card or via PayPal. Other options may be available upon request such as cash, cheque, postal order or bank transfer, but must be agreed prior to booking. Payment details will be provided in such cases.

5.6) Payment by Paypal is subject to clearance. Any chargeback or dispute will render the booking unpaid, and as such subject to clause's 5.7 and 6.8.

5.7) Payment by cheque is subject to seven days clearance. Any unpaid cheques will result in an additional fee of £12 becoming payable to cover our increased costs involved with administration.

5.8) In the event of a cheque being unpaid, we will contact the lead passenger, who will arrange full payment to be made, including any additional costs.

5.9) Under no circumstances will travel be permitted unless full payment has been made.

5.10) Your booking is covered under the Distance Selling Regulations, However due to the nature of the goods or services on offer, your contract with is NOT protected under the 'Information and Cancellation' provisions within the Distance Selling Regulations and as such all sums become payable as in clause 5.3, and no refunds shall be payable save under section 6.
6) Cancellations and amendments

6.1) Amendments may be made to bookings up to 14 days prior to travel if notified in writing (email or post) and full details supplied. No charge will be made for this.

6.2) Where a booking is transferred to another person, they agree to these terms and conditions.

6.3) In the event you have to cancel, and can not transfer your booking, we will endeavour to resell your spaces once all other spaces are sold. Should this prove possible within 7 days of departure, we will refund your full payment less £5 per passenger to cover costs such as stationary, labour and any payment processing fees.

6.4) If any such refund payment from us is due under clause 6.3, that payment will be made by way of the original payment method within 7 days following the departure date.

6.5) In the event the show organisers cancel a show, for whatever reason, we will refund your payments less a fee to cover costs already incurred on your behalf. This fee will not be greater than 50% of the total payment and shall be limited to those costs incurred by us in the preparation of the trip.

6.6) In the event one of our agents cancel their service, we will endeavour to find a replacement agent, failing which, subject to that agents terms and conditions, we will refund your payment in full.

6.7) No other refunds will be considered, unless specifically agreed with us in writing. Refunds and liability in the event of a breach of supply of goods or services will be addressed individually.

6.8) Payment not made within the scope of section 5.3, will result in a reminder being issued, followed by cancellation. We shall retain the right to enforce section 4.8 and 5.3 by recourse to English law.

7) Travel

7.1) Whilst every effort will be made to ensure the advertised vehicle is used, we may from time to time and for operational reasons, replace advertised vehicles with others of the same or similar standards. Any change of vehicle shall not be permitted if such use of that vehicle is outside the operating scope set by the manufacture of said vehicle. Change of vehicle is not deemed as a material change to the contract between us, save for the introduction of disability factors.

7.1a) On some trips, passenger numbers may prohibit the use of larger full size coaches, and so we reserve the right to make use of any legal transport as necessary, including but not limited to cars, minibuses and coaches.

7.2) Pick up locations are provided by 3 rd party agents, and you acceptance of a pick up point is also your acceptance of their advertised conditions.

7.3) Pick up locations are subject to change, due to operational reasons, and we will endeavour to provide notice as soon as reasonably possible, and any such change due to operational or security reasons shall not be construed as a major change in our service unless any replacement pick up is a distance of 25 miles or more from the original pick up location. In the event the location is more than 25 miles from the original location, we will give the option to cancel your booking under section 6.6.

7.4) Departure times shown on the web site are a guide, and final details will be confirmed the week before departure by telephone. Many factors influence timings on the road, and regret that a coach departure cannot be delayed for any reason.

7.5) Failure to join the coach at your selected pick up location, will render you ineligible to travel. In some situations, if you contact us on the day of travel, we may direct you to an alternative pick up location, and grant permission to join the trip at that location.

7.6) Any costs involved in using any alternative pick up location shall at all times, remain your responsibility.

7.7) It is a condition of travel that no smoking or consumption of alcohol or drugs is permitted onboard any of our manned coaches. The organisers and ultimately the drivers reserve all rights to refuse travel to any person likely to cause harm or hindrance to other passengers, or breaking any terms & conditions. Any expense incurred by such passengers remains their responsibility. Restrictions on other vehicles are based on the above, but are flexible on the day, subject to agreement.

7.8) Whilst you are on board, you are covered by either our coach companies basic insurance, or our vehicle or Public liability, as required by law. However, we fully recommend you purchase travel insurance to provide extra cover, should you require medical treatment etc, as the above WILL NOT cover you for medical treatment or repatriation.

7.9) The Lead Passenger shall retain control over all members of their party to ensure the safe and comfortable passage of everyone.

7.10) Timings shall not be the essence of this contract. Delays can and do happen for a number of reasons. We, nor our agents, shall accept liability for any delay outside our direct control, which results in direct or indirect loss.

7.11) Where any trip includes a stop at ‘Duty Free’, we request that you acquaint yourself with current limits and do not exceed them. Any tobacco products must be transported in the passenger areas, Alcohol in the hold, remembering this will reduce space for other goods.

8) Transportation of Animals

8.1) Due to the nature of our trips, we acknowledge that you may wish to purchase new pets and as such will need to transport them back to your home. We therefore grant permission to load, and will carry on our vehicles, Reptiles, Amphibians and Inverts, subject to section 8.4 and 8.17 below, and any and all national and EU regulations.

8.1a) It is a condition of carriage that any passengers transporting live animals must make use of any welfare stops in order to check on their charges. Coachtotheshow will do everything within their powers to ensure the safe transport of all animals, but passengers must also take their responsibilities seriously. Records will be kept of all checks made whilst in transit. Any passenger failing to provide adequate welfare may be subject to action under the Animal welfare act.

8.2) It is strictly prohibited to attempt to carry or cause to be carried any other species not listed in 8.1 without prior consent in writing. Such consent will only be given when WE are satisfied that the import complies with all regulations. Please see section 8.16 for more information.

8.3) Due to limitations of space, we set a guideline on the number and size of poly boxes each passenger may transport. Our current limit is two in number, size guide is 3 foot by 2 foot. This guide may be relaxed dependant on the total load on the day, but it should never be assumed this will be the case.

8.4) Due to the nature of many of our trips, and the time spent on the road, the carriage of animals for commercial reasons is prohibited unless expressly authorised by us. This is due to the commercial transport of animals being covered under our type 2 authorisation.

8.5) We are authorised to transport livestock commercially, and as such will afford such care as required by that authorisation, and as we feel fit in the course of the journey.Commercial transportation is ONLY permitted with prior written agreement, to ensure all regulations are observed.

8.6) Notice should be taken by you that under the Welfare In Transit regulations, it is both Defra’s and our interpretation that private persons travelling on the same vehicle as their pets, not connected to a commercial activity, are indeed outside the scope of the Transportation regulations.

8.7) It must further be noted that under the reasoning as 8.6, Defra and ourselves interpret the law to state that whilst you are (or purport to be) a private person, then you retain responsibility for the health and well being of your animals at all times.

8.8) It is YOUR responsibility to ensure that all animals are packed safely and securely to aid transport and to respect the animals welfare. We reserve the right to refuse transport of any animal if we at our discretion, believe such transport will be detrimental to the animals health. It is also YOUR responsibility to provide care whilst in transit, and the organisers will make available a number of times when access to animals not in the passenger area can be checked. One box may be transported within the passenger area, but in a manner so as to not disturb or restrict any other passenger. In regards to animals within the passenger area, these must remain in the transport containers at all times save for emergency intervention.

8.9) Neither our agents nor we, accept any responsibility at any time for your animals, save for loss or damage due to our express neglect or ommision, and you present them for travel under this express condition, and in full acceptance of liability, save for our express neglect or ommision.

8.10) It is a further condition that you provide us with full and true accounts of all animals you present for carriage, in order that we can accurately inform HM Customs as to the contents of our hold should it be required.

8.11) This information may also be used in the event of an emergency, and may be used after the trip to provide non-personal aggregate information to us, our agents or other interested parties.

8.12) DWA animals will only be carried when prior notice is supplied to us, a copy of relevant licence must also be supplied in advance. Original licence and valid insurance should be made available for inspection prior to loading. Any DWA species must travel inside the passenger area, under the supervision of a trip organiser. Any such animal must remain secure for the whole journey.

8.13) On occasions, the services of an animal courier may be included in the trip. Where this is the case, animals should be transport via that service and under that services terms and conditions. Where the use of a courier is available, no animals shall be transported within the passenger vehicle without our prior consent.

8.14) In the event a courier is supplied, you shall be deemed to have examined any and all animals before submitting them for transport and found them to be fit for travel. In the event of death or injury in transit, you will be required to submit documentry evidence of your ability to pronounce them fit for travel, and demonstrate that any cause of death or injury is the direct result of the negligence of the courier involved. Any courier used, will display details of applicable insurances and authorisations on thier website, which will be listed in the show details.

8.15) Where you engage the services of a courier, either paid for or included within the price, a contract for the carrage of live animals shall exist between you and the courier. At no time does coachtotheshow accept any liability for any live animals.

8.16) Due to current confusion in the interpretation of the many regulations concerning the import of animals, and in particular disease control, The carriage of any animal other than Reptile, Amphibian and Invert is expressly prohibited under any circumstances. Once we have received confirmation from the authorities, we will re asses this.

8.17) Passengers are advised that the movement of animals between EU countries is not unrestricted. In order to ensure regulations are met, you must obtain a receipt for all animals, thus proving they are purchased with in the EU. In addition, you should acquaint yourself with the species you wish to buy, with regard to CITES, DWA and EPS and any other applicable regulations. You are responsible for ensuring you obtain any paperwork required for the animals you buy. In the event that the party is stopped and animals investigated, we will provide assistance where possible, but liability for any import fee's, fines or charges remain yours. We can accept no liability for animals seized.

9) Disclaimer

9.1) We expressly inform all passengers that the carriage of livestock does not form an integral part of any trip, and is permitted by exception by our vehicle operators, and in accordance with section 8 above, notwithstanding current legislation, save for where the services of a courier are included, when section eight shall still apply.

9.2) Whilst we will take steps needed to protect any livestock, the full responsibility and therefore risk, remains with you. Should you encounter a problem, we will do everything within our ability to assist you.

9.3) We duly advise you that as such, we provide no insurance cover for your livestock whatsoever, and further advise you that should you require any such cover, then you must investigate and cover the costs of such cover. Use of a courier may include insurance cover, but you should ensure this meets your needs.

9.4) The organisers make no representation that any animal available from any show or breeder is suitable to keep as a pet, nor that any animal is in a state of health suitable to survive the journey back. All purchases at the show remain the sole responsibility and risk of each passenger.

9.5) The organisers retain the right to amend, add or remove any conditions listed, at any time, and will ensure that any changes are notified on our website. Should any changes result in definitive decrease in the probability of your enjoyment of the trip, passengers are able to cancel their booking with a full refund in accordance with the refund policy.

10) Ownership and contact

10.1) Our postal address for written communication and service of documents is : Mr S Paine, t/a Coachtotheshow (The tarantulabarngroup), 6 Seadown Parade, Bowness Avenue, Lancing, West Sussex. BN15 9TP



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