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Summary of changes to terms and conditions

(As amended 1st November 2013)

From time to time we need to refresh or clarify our terms, due to assorted reasons including changes of law, protection against new risks, passenger safety, legal advice or to enhance services.

Listed below is a consise list of the changes made to the terms and conditions July 2010. The full terms and conditions can be found HERE

0) Amendments.

Section 2.2. Amended to read

"Any contract between you and us is a simple contract to transport you, and your personal luggage, to and from the stated destination. Any other goods, products or items of other nature are excluded unless agreed in writing."

Section 2.5. Amended to read

"It is a condition of carriage that lead passengers insure all additional passengers are aware of the terms & conditions, and all passengers abide by them at all times. For reasons of safety and compliance, reasonable requests may be made whilst travelling, and passengers agree to comply where requested."

Section 5.5. Amended to read

"Payment can be made primarily by credit or debit card or via PayPal. Other options may be available upon request such as cash, cheque, postal order or bank transfer, but must be agreed prior to booking. Payment details will be provided in such cases."

Section 7.4. Amended to read

"Departure times shown on the web site are a guide, and final details will be confirmed the week before departure by telephone. Many factors influence timings on the road, and regret that a coach departure cannot be delayed for any reason."

Section 8.1. Amended to read

"Due to the nature of our trips, we acknowledge that you may wish to purchase new pets and as such will need to transport them back to your home. We therefore grant permission to load, and will carry on our vehicles, Reptiles, Amphibians and Inverts, subject to section 8.4 and 8.17 below, and any and all national and EU regulations."

Section 8.2. Amended to read

"It is strictly prohibited to attempt to carry or cause to be carried any other species not listed in 8.1 without prior consent in writing. Such consent will only be given when WE are satisfied that the import complies with all regulations. Please see section 8.16 for more information."

Section 8.16. Addition

"Due to current confusion in the interpretation of the many regulations concerning the import of animals, and in particular disease control, The carriage of any animal other than Reptile, Amphibian and Invert is expressly prohibited under any circumstances. Once we have received confirmation from the authorities, we will re asses this."

Section 8.17. Addition

"Passengers are advised that the movement of animals between EU countries is not unrestricted. In order to ensure regulations are met, you must obtain a receipt for all animals, thus proving they are purchased with in the EU. In addition, you should acquaint yourself with the species you wish to buy, with regard to CITES, DWA and EPS and any other applicable regulations. You are responsible for ensuring you obtain any paperwork required for the animals you buy. In the event that the party is stopped and animals investigated, we will provide assistance where possible, but liability for any import fee's, fines or charges remain yours. We can accept no liability for animals seized. "

Section 10. Updated

"Contact address updated."

Original terms and conditions July 2010, can be found HERE


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