11 of the best ribbed and coloured wine glasses to up your drinkware ante

Ribbed glasses are having a moment.
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Ribbed glasses and coloured wine glasses are the must-have homeware items of the moment, with Etsy reporting that searches for the former are up by 38% and Google searches for the latter are even higher – with pastel decor trends up a massive 73%.

So, if you’re sold on the idea of a Florence Given-inspired maximalist interior, you might be wondering where to begin. Fret not, though, because whether it’s tumblers, highball glasses and drinking glasses or perhaps Champagne flutes and red wine glasses, you can bet it’s available with a ribbed or colourful finish. 

Indeed, tableware variety has expanded significantly since the lockdown homeware boom and now, even DIY retailers like B&Q are selling chic water glasses and homeware accessories to elevate your dining aesthetic. Their GoodHome Cavalla Tumblers, for example, are just the drinkware items you need to give your dinner party that extra ounce of pizzazz. While, elsewhere, Wayfair is selling this multicoloured set of crystal white wine glasses with free delivery for £40.67; durable enough for daily use and yet lightweight enough for easy platter transportation at all your housewarmings and functions.

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Before you head to the checkout, however, consider your glassware set requirements. Do you even want a set, or are you planning on cherry-picking individual gems from different retailers for a more shabby chic feel? By contrast, are you on the hunt for a very specific wedding gift at the bride’s request (did she say NO crystal glass or was it a clear glass she didn’t want...).

Either way, you’re going to want to assess your budget, the purpose of your glasses – are they for everyday dinnerware or a one-off set of Champagne glasses – and how many of them you’re going to need. Our top tip? Taller Prosecco style glasses are smash-prone, so it’s always good to have spares, while hand wash only items are not desirable for your day-to-day cookware; opt for dishwasher safe instead. 

Lastly, remember the colour of your cutlery when picking bright glasses sets; silver and blue will create a cooler aesthetic, whereas the more uncommon brass and gold-style cutlery sets will inject a cosiness onto your dining table when paired with amber glass.

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Scroll for our full edit of the best ribbed glasses and the best coloured wine glasses for 2022:

Ribbed drinking glasses UK

Waterfall Gin Glass

Why we love it: Gin glasses are great for having guests over in the summer, and these Anthropologie ones are ombre, gold-rimmed (for a touch of added lustre) and available in a selection of colours. Plus, if you’re not buying them for yourself, they’d make a great birthday gift, with a whole range of matching coupes and flutes for them to add as time goes on.

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Best fine wine glasses

Rainbow 470ml Lead Free Crystal White Wine Glass (Set of 4)

Why we love it: In a set of four colours, this set of stem wine glasses is just the home accessory your living room soiree is lacking. They’re crystal, reasonably priced, and they’ll look great alongside brass and gold place settings (especially the amber glass).

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Ribbed glasses 2022

Colourful Ribbed Wine Glass

Why we love it: These ribbed wine glasses from Not On The High Street, and the green wine glasses specifically, are SO BBQ and family-friendly. They’re dishwasher safe, available with matching water glasses for kids and, to be honest, quite 1920s and retro with that particular emerald green shade. Adds to wishlist

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Ribbed glass tumblers

Hollie Set of 6 Ribbed Highballs

Why we love it: As a set of six, these highball glasses give you that extra little bit of smash reassurance that you won’t be left in the lurch should one fall off the counter after one too many shot glasses were downed... They’re available in four different colours and, if you ask us, they’d even work as a good vessel for that cold brew espresso on a hot day. Dreamy.

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Habitat ribbed glasses

Japonica Set of 4 Martini Glasses

Why we love it: Cocktail glasses are just the place to add some colour to your barware, and what better way to do it than with these textured martini glasses from Habitat. They’ll be quite the talking point in your glassware collection or, alternatively, if you’re looking for gift ideas, they’re quite reasonably priced, too.

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John Lewis wine glasses

LSA International Aurelia Optic Red Wine Glass, Set of 4, 660ml, Clear

Why we love it: LSA International are practically the kings of glassware, these days, and their delicate balloon glass wine set has got to be one of our favourites. Constructed from handmade glass, the Aurelia wine glasses are best sellers and have racked up an impressive 140+ five-star reviews. They may be pricey, but they’ll likely be the best thing you ever buy for your dining room.

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Best wine glasses 2022

Rosado Pink Stemless Wine Glasses Set of Four

Why we love it: Stemless wine glasses are not only chic but, these days, beer brands like Tiny Rebel and Camden are even opting for a similar style for their branded beer glasses. Yep, with the versatility to use them for wine, beer, gin and even water, the Rosado glasses are a great addition to your serveware, and they’re gold edged for that little bit of je ne sais quoi.

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Ribbed glasses UK

Mila Gin Glass - Dark Emerald (Set of 2)

Why we love it: Handblown in India, these Nkuku green gin glasses are just what your BBQ is lacking. Imagine kicking back in the sun on all your lockdown garden furniture purchases with a pink gin and a candy-stripe straw in these beauties. Plus, they’ve got great reviews and can be ordered with next day delivery.

Dunelm ribbed glasses

Thyme Blue Wine Glass

Why we love it: With a semi-stemless wine glass design, these short wine goblets from Dunelm are both attractive and sturdy – with a heavier glass – and are all the better for your al fresco dining and BBQs.

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Ribbed glass tumblers

GoodHome CAVALLA Transparent Ribbed effect Glass Tumbler

Why we love it: With a two-layer top-heavy design, these B&Q short glass tumblers are simply too nice to be hidden away, and would look great on some open shelving. They’re the perfect pick to accompany a table carafe and, on special occasions, you could even use them to serve up a negroni or Moscow Mule.

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Best coloured glasses

Set Of Two Recycled Glasses - Cocoa

Why we love it: These Poodle and Blonde glasses are Embossed with a funky horizontal ribbing and, should you buy them, you’ll be supporting a United Kingdom-based independent business, which is always nice. They’re retro, they’re eco-friendly and made from recycled glass. We’re big fans.

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