Pete Davidson reportedly warns Kanye West amid Kim Kardashian feud: 'I’m gonna stop being nice' 

The exchange has come to light via text screenshots shared on Instagram.
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Pete Davidson has told Kanye West he's had enough of “being quiet" after witnessing months of acrimonious exchanges between Kim Kardashian and her former husband.

The 28-year-old comedian has been dating Kim Kardashian for months now, coinciding with a period where the 41-year-old reality star and entrepreneur has been divorcing the 44-year-old record producer and fashion designer. 

It hasn't been all smooth sailing; far from it. Kanye, who has spoken publicly about his struggles with bipolar disease, has lashed out on a number of occasions at the couple. Perhaps most notably (or at least graphically) is when the rapper circulated a disturbing video on Instagram, to coincide with his new single ‘Eazy,' which showed a claymation caricature of Pete being kidnapped and buried alive. 

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Then there was Valentine's Day incident, where Kanye arranged for a truck of roses to be delivered to Kim's home and issued threats towards Pete – a gesture some have dubbed "love bombing" and even Kanye has subsequently admitted in a statement might have been regarded as “harassing” and “jarring.”

Pete – who does not have social media – has thus far remained out of the conflict. But it seems things have changed, judging by a text exchange between him and Kanye in which the former warned his girlfriend's partner: “I’m gonna stop being nice.”

Screenshots of the text exchange were circulated in a post on Instagram by comedian and writer Dave Sirus, a close friend of Pete Davidson. While Dave's account is private, the post has been highlighted by US publication Page Six

For context, it is understood to have come in response to Kanye posting a video criticising Kim for letting the pair's eldest daughter, North, eight, use TikTok. 

This was apparently the straw that broke the camel's back for Pete, who texted Kanye the following: “Kim is literally the best mother I’ve ever met. What she does for those kids is amazing and you are so f–king lucky that she’s your kids mom. I’ve decided im not gonna let you treat us this way anymore and I’m done being quiet. Grow the f**k up. [sic]”

The subsequent messages involve Pete explaining to Kanye his efforts to stop the latter being the subject of comedy discourse, through avoiding any mention of him on Saturday Night Live and urging other comedians to leave Kanye out of their comedy. Yet, he threatens: "If you continue to press me, like you have for the past six months, I'm gonna stop being nice."

He also appeals to Kanye about their shared struggles, historically, with mental health (Pete Davidson has previously done stints in rehab for addiction). “Let me help you man," he wrote. 

While neither party in the exchange have confirmed the text messages came from them, this isn't the first time Dave Sirus has shared a social media post on Pete's behalf – he did so back in January to pass on a sentimental message from Pete following the death of their fellow comedian, Bob Saget. 

Earlier this month, Kim and Kanye's divorce was finalised – with the pair being declared legally single. In a Variety interview commenting on the development, Kim spoke about the lasting ties the pair – who have four children together, North, Saint, Chicago and Psalm – would continue to have. "The reality is, we’re always a family. We always will have a love and respect for each other."

Days later, Kim spoke publicly for the first time about her relationship with Pete Davidson, in a trailer for her family's upcoming Disney+ show, The Kardashians – albeit, only to confirm that her boyfriend will not be featured in the show: “I have not filmed with him." 

The pair have been regularly pictured together since October 2021, shortly after Kim featured on Saturday Night Live.