Pat McGrath’s first skincare product has already secretly debuted on some of the world’s biggest stars

Naomi, Doja, Cardi.
Pat McGraths first skincare Product Debuted By Stars Such As Naomi Doja Cardi
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Pat McGrath may have shared a whole heap of insider makeup heroes with the world, but with a career spanning more than two decades (during which she’s worked with the biggest supermodels in the world), it’s unsurprising that Mother has more secrets up her sleeve.

Now, Pat’s ready to spill another with the release of her first-ever skincare product. And – no surprises – it already has the seal of approval from some of the world’s top stars; having secretly debuted on their faces, under our noses, over the past few weeks.

Remember the next-level glow that Doja Cat served up at the Grammys? Turns out, she’d prepped her skin with Divine Skin Rose 001 The Essence, Pat’s first foray into skincare.

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Likewise, Cardi B was rocking it on the sly in the No Love music video uploaded last month.


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It’s a hit with the supers, too. Naomi Campbell has been announced as the first-ever Global Face of PAT McGRATH LABS to coincide with the launch. She secretly appeared over Zoom last week to fan-girl hard over the rose essence which she’s had stashed in her handbag since last year. 

“I’ve been privy to Pat's top secret Divine Skin Rose 001 The Essence throughout its development,” Naomi says. “I was like, “can I have it now?!” and Pat was like, “you can have it, but you’re not allowed to bring it out,” especially at fashion shows and stuff like that. So I had it in a little plastic bottle, not the bottle.”

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This content can also be viewed on the site it originates from.

“You know how I am,” she adds. “I like skin to be hydrated. And one of the things that I’ve found with Divine Glow is that you put it on and it stays. You wake up and you still feel that your skin is moist and hydrated and nourished. You can get glow with bronzer and makeup, but it’s not that type of glow. It’s not like a fake glow that you wipe on and wipe off. It’s a glow that when you put it on, your skin illuminates. And makeup goes on more smoothly after.” And just like her skin, Naomi’s final piece of praise is positively glowing. “I wouldn’t use anything else. The glow, the luminosity, the hydration, it's unparalleled. It’s perfection,” she says.

Launching from 5 May, the bi-phase milky emulsion is designed to give skin an unbeatable fresh-looking glow. Applied after cleansing, but before moisturiser, it helps to lock in moisture and supercharge any products applied after thanks to a blend of HydraSphere 18 (a metamorphic combination of botanical oils, lipids and vitamin E) and rose biotic (a potent rose blend enhanced by a molecular extraction technology). You shake to activate.

It was the obvious first skincare step for Pat who’s famous for creating luxe-looking complexions. “Beautiful, glowing skin has always been part of my work, ever since I started doing thousands of shows, shoots, red carpets and music videos and more back in the ‘90s,” Pat explains. 

“Really how this started was, backstage we have to be careful with everyone’s skin, so I always had a very, very lightweight moisturiser that I would mix a little rose water into. Everyone was always obsessed with it. That’s how it began, then it was worked on in Korea where there’s the best skin technology,” says Pat.

“After many years of experimentation, I’m thrilled to introduce the perfect formula. The Essence is 97% natural, clean and gentle. It’s designed for all skin types and fits seamlessly into any skincare routine. This beautiful formula unlocks the secrets to glowing, gorgeous, supple, smooth, sensuous skin in an instant, and over time, it transforms your skin.” 

Now that sounds like our kind of party.

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