As Millie Bobby Brown and Jake Bongiovi make their red carpet debut, here's what you need to know about their relationship

Bless these two and their young love. 
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Millie Bobby Brown went awards ceremony official with her boyfriend Jake Bongiovi last night at the BAFTAs, and we are just obsessed.

Aged 18 and 19 respectively (yes, the Stranger Things star is still a spring chicken, folks), the pair looked verrrry sophisticated for their years in chic all-black outfits: Millie wore a black velvet Louis Vuitton dress while Jake wore a long-line suit jacket and bow-tie.

Jake Bongiovi – yes, the son of Jon Bon Jovi, whose actual name is spelt like his son's but stylised as ‘Bon Jovi’ for professional purposes) – was rocking a long, curtained peroxide hairstyle which we can't help thinking looks distinctly Y2K, with grown-out roots pairing perfectly with his dark tailoring.  

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It's far from the first time these pair have gone Instagram-official about their relationship. Jake has been posting cute selfies of the pair since June 2021, and Millie has followed suit. But we can't help thinking this joint appearance on the red carpet represents a significant development in their love story.

This isn't Millie Bobby Brown's first high-profile relationship: she had formerly dated social media star Jacob Sartorius – between January and July of 2018 – and more recently rugby player Joseph Robinson. 

Millie Bobby Brown / Instagram

So where did it all begin? Here's what we know so far…

June 2021: Jake first shares a picture of him and “BFF” Millie on his Instagram account

The first hint that Jake and Millie might be dating came in mid-2021, when Jake posted a car photo of him and Millie together. However, he captioned it “BFF” – making it rather ambiguous as to whether the pair really were just pals back then, or whether he was being ironic. Millie commented, too, with a “BFF" and unicorn emoji, just to keep us all baffled. 

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November 2021: Jake pays Millie a visit in London

Jake, who is based in the US, posts ever more couple-y shots with Millie on his Instagram account as they take a very British tea outing together in London.

Jake Bongiovi / Instagram
Jake Bongiovi / Instagram

Later in November 2021: Millie shares London Eye trip with Jake on Instagram

Millie posts a cute-but-blurry picture of her and Jake in a romantic embrace on the London Eye, confirming that, yes, they are definitely more than friends.

Millie Bobby Brown / Instagram

December 2021: Millie & Jake spend Christmas together

Both Millie and Jake share images of spending the Christmas holidays together – including festive shots in front of various Christmas trees – showing that the relationship is definitely getting more serious. 

February 2022: Millie & Jake dress up as Barbie & Ken

Presumably taking cues from Jake's Prince Charming hairstyle, Millie & Jake donned “his n' hers” Barbie & Ken costumes in February for Millie's birthday party – complete with a long blonde wig for Millie. 

Millie Bobby Brown / Instagram

March 2022: Millie & Jake make red carpet debut at the BAFTAs

…which brings us to present day, folks! Millie posted a shot of herself and her beau on the red carpet with a string of heart emojis. Long may they be in love.

Millie Bobby Brown / Instagram