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Marci Robin head shot - Glamour UK

Marci Robin


Serena Williams' daughter, Olympia, channelled her mum with the prettiest beaded braids

She may be dressed like Princess Tiana, but her hairstyle is 100% Williams sister.

Lady Gaga's makeup-free selfie belongs in the Louvre

Her eyebrows. How are we not talking about her perfect eyebrows every single day?

Dua Lipa went from dark brown to platinum blonde just hours before the Grammys

She was a brunette literally last night, and then poof — platinum perfection.

Keravive is the scalp version of HydraFacial that may help support healthier hair growth

Its benefits may soon make it one of the most popular scalp in-office treatments.

Sydney Sweeney's graphic black manicure is way more Maddy than Cassie

The Euphoria star debuted the edgy nail art along with a return to blonde hair.

Willow Smith's eye makeup is giving Pierrot sad clown vibes in the best way

Just to clarify, this look is the farthest thing from the clown emoji.

Serena Williams chopped her hair into a curly lob for the Critics Choice Awards

The tennis legend's usually long curls barely touch her shoulders now.

Megan Thee Stallion wore black snake-tongue nails for her latest photo shoot

Listen, this manicure is inspired by either a snake's forked tongue or Batman's oyster fork — you decide.

Sally Hansen's new virtual try-on technology means always picking the perfect nail polish colour

See what your hands look like wearing hundreds of shades — in motion and in changing light.
Short Styles

The ‘90s bixie — a hybrid of a bob and a pixie — is back, and it's the short hairstyle of 2022

This beloved look has been overdue for a return to trendiness.

TikTok declares banana clips are back without consulting me first

I lived through the banana clip pandemonium of the 1980s, and my inner child is very disappointed over this comeback trend. My outer adult, however, has other thoughts.

Jessica Alba chopped off her hair into a flipped-out bob

It's official: She loves her short style as much as having long hair.

Katy Perry just wore hair tinsel and it's the festive beauty trend we've *all* been waiting for 

The singer wore "fairy hair" to promote her upcoming Vegas residency.

Jennifer Lopez wears too many cute hairstyles to count in her new movie

The ponytails alone deserve a moment.
Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez's 'glam Barbie' look has reignited my love of half-up hair

All the half-up hair inspo.