Kim Kardashian fans are pointing out this weird detail about her first Instagram post with Pete Davidson

Once you see it, you can't un-see it. 
Kim Kardashian Fans Spot Weird Detail On Her Instagram Post With Pete Davidson

Kim Kardashian has shared a couple of, well, couple photos of herself with boyfriend Pete Davidson on Instagram – making their relationship Instagram official since the first time they began dating late last year.

Whether this is her personal way of celebrating the finalising of her divorce to Kanye West – a move which means she is now legally “single" – or simply just something that felt like a natural step after months of dating, who knows. Either way, this is a big step, given that Kim has 292 million followers and is one of the most high-profile people on Instagram, full stop. 

It comes after Kim first addressed her relationship with Pete in an interview for Variety earlier this month, responding to a question about whether he'd be featured in the show (he won't, at present) and thus addressing their relationship publicly for the first time. 

Kim Kardashian / Instagram

Anyway, the Instagram post features Kim Kardashian wearing a pair of thigh-high, stiletto-heeled, metallic silver boots with matching silver gloves worn beneath an oversized sparkly silver furry coat (because, what else?) and a pair of dark sunglasses, presumably just lounge around the house attire for the superstar.

The first image in a carousel of five is just her by herself, but the next features her blowing a kiss down at Pete, who is lying on the floor at her feet looking up at her wearing a plaid shirt and trucker jacket over a white T-shirt and jeans out. It marks officially the first time he has featured on her Instagram.

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However, there's one detail that some fans can't ignore… and that's the heavily edited carpet. Although it's not clear the carpet is edited in the first image (it just looks like a normal greige affair), on the Twitter post – which Kim has since deleted – the carpet has a distinctive geometric pattern. 

The editing was called out by one account, @igfamousbydana, on Instagram – who shared the Instagram post and deleted Twitter version side by side. 

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As public displays of affection go, it's not quite on the same level as her sister Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker – but after a few months without any Insta-love for the relationship, we'll take it. The fourth post in the carousel depicts Kim and Pete together in a cute black and white selfie, presumably taken by Pete, of the pair looking up at the camera in a fancy looking room with ornate pillars and mirrored walls.

She captioned the post with the line ‘Whose car are we gonna take?!', a reference to the 2010 film The Town, which is about a group of bank robbers, and stars, was directed by and co-written by Ben Affleck (she shared a meme at the end of the carousel to really drive home – excuse the pun – that reference). 

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Fans, unsurprisingly, are pretty delighted with the post. “She posted Pete…well it’s very official,” wrote one fan with a slew of heart-eye emojis. Another added: “This is the best thing that’s happened today," while a third message in excited-sounding upper case read: “THIS IS THE CONTENT WE ALL WERE WAITING FOR”.

Some were a bit concerned over the fact Pete appears to be holding a joint in his hand – or even that Kim lets Pete smoke in her pristine, light-carpeted home.

Comments included: “And Pete has joint in hand ….. good role model," “Damn she lets him smoke in d house," and “he’s smokin a joint in your home yessssss kim."

It's worth mentioning that the couple are based in Los Angeles, where marijuana smoking is legal for recreational use.