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Jenny Singer


Pachinko is a hit. It was nearly impossible to make

Executive producer Theresa Kang-Lowe was told Pachinko would never sell. Now it's being hailed as one of the best shows of the year.
Celebrity Fashion

Glass bags are a thing now – and this is why

The Coperni glass bag, in particular, has enchanted the likes of Doja Cat and Kylie Jenner.
You Need to See This

The Ultimatum on Netflix is even better than Love Is Blind 

Yes, really.

Watch Dua Lipa and Megan Thee Stallion share a twinning moment at the 2022 Grammys

Dua and Megan wore identical Versace—but don't worry, Donatella jumped on stage to figure things out. 

Every see-through dress on the Grammys red carpet

The sheer, the gauzy, the nip-prone: Let's take a look at all the see-through dresses we saw through at the 2022 Grammys. 

Watch Lady Gaga help SZA onto the stage to accept her Grammy award

Lightly, unobtrusively, Gaga knelt on the floor in her own beautiful gown and made sure that SZA, who was using crutches, made it to the stage safely. 

Anthony Bridgerton thirst is officially upon us

Anthony Bridgerton, played by Jonathan Bailey, has captured the ardent focus of meme-ists, TikTokers, and the Twitter hordes. 

Read Will Smith’s apology to Chris Rock following the 2022 Oscars slap

He apologised directly to Chris Rock, as well as to Serena and Venus Williams' family. 

Every Bridgerton sex scene, ranked

We need to talk about how Simon never lasts for more than 35 seconds.

Does lettuce water really help you sleep? We checked the science

TikTok claims that lettuce tea “has crack” and will get you to sleep for 12 hours. We tried it. 

How do we talk about Olena Zelenska, Ukraine’s First Lady?

Zelenska, a comedy writer, has reportedly stayed in Ukraine as Russian bombardment continues. She has said that she practices “soft power.” 

What is the ‘talking stage’? It’s the newest form of dating torture 

Gen-Z may have coined the phrase “the talking stage,” but that doesn't mean older folks are safe from it. 

You said you wanted to free Britney Spears. So let her be free

Did you mean “Free Britney”? Or “Free Britney to entertain me”?

Is drinking blood safe? Doctors weigh in

The doctors we spoke to were very, very clear about the many dangers of drinking blood – even if you're Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly.

In 2022, dating app ‘pen pals’ must die

If you’ve online-dated for any length of time, you know what outrageous lengths people will go to to avoid asking each other out.

So, you’ve been lied to about how much men want sex  

If a man has ever chosen to watch the “fun run” episode of The Office instead of having sex with you, well, join the club. 

Chris Noth has been accused of sexual assault by two women

The women told The Hollywood Reporter that they were allegedly raped by Noth—one woman in 2004, one in 2015. “The encounters were consensual,” Noth told the publication.

Sex and the City fans say Carrie should’ve immediately dialed 911 — I get why she didn’t

Our anger at Carrie shows how much we want to believe that if we’re smart and follow the rules we won’t have to suffer loss. 

Everything Elle Fanning does in The Great is quite simply iconic

Elle Fanning is the ultimate ingenue – when did she become a comedian?