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‘90s slices’ are the new hair colour technique that give a grungier, more ‘undone’ blonde than balayage

Mia Regan has kickstarted summer's hottest hair colour trend.
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Brooklyn Beckham's imminent marriage to Nicola Peltz may be big news right now, but his younger brother Romeo has also seen a milestone moment in his relationship with Mia Regan. Sure, they may not be signing a marriage register, but she has just changed up her hair colour, which - as we all know - is a pretty major commitment.

With spring finally upon us it's no surprise that we're all succumbing to the temptation of changing things up a bit, but while we're all confidently (perhaps over-optimistically) switching out the warm, waterproof puffers in place of more lightweight options and considering upping our sandal game, it's worth paying attention to beauty updates too.

Of course we're all well-versed in upping the bronzer and SPF purchases once the days get warmer, but have you considered how you might change up your hair this summer?

If you've not yet decided, may we point you in the direction of Mia Regan's ‘90s slices’ for a little blonde inspo. 

That's right, Mia - who was always known for her dark, ashy blonde hair - has taken the platinum plunge… but - and this bit is crucial - in a super low-key, ‘undone’ way.

Mia with boyfriend Romeo Beckham before taking the ‘90s Slice’ plunge

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“Think 90s classics,  Point Break meets Drew Barrymore’s bleached slices” explains Larry King  colourist Harriet Muldoon who was behind Mia's summer transformation. 

“Unlike a balayage that is blended from root to tip, the 90s slices are pieces scattered but left raw so they really stand out.” 

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But how is this ‘raw’, undone-blonde look achieved?

“The section pattern is freestyle. I wanted to work with the cut that was created and how Mia wears her hair. My main goal is to not over do it and put too many slices as it takes it away from the ones in place.”

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And of course - the key question for blondes who are used to eight-weekly bleach appointments and endless professional treatments - is it super high-maintenance?

“This look is all about complimenting the natural base. No toner is needed because we really want these pieces to pop. Redken blondage High Bright Shampoo contains vitamin c so will keep your pieces sparkling!”

Great news for us blondes looking for a slightly less high-maintenance hair routine, the 90s Slice is, by its very undone nature, a lot easier to manage than a full root bleach due to the fact that re-growth and even slightly under-toned sections just add beautiful texture to the overall look.

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